Killountain Irish Water Spaniels

About Killountain Irish Water Spaniels

Welcome to the Killountain web site. I hope as you browse through you will get an insight to the “Irish Water Spaniel” as a serious working gundog.

My introduction to the breed began in the 1940’s when my late Father bought his first IWS for shooting from Florence and Fred Taylor of the Shotwick kennel.

At that time most Irish Water Spaniels were shown by their owners and shot over during the shooting season which at that time was the norm.

To-day that is rarely the case.

When my family were grown and independent, I began my very serious interest in the breed as a working dog. I looked and researched into the background of other successful working breeds of gundogs to see “just what had made them so successful” in the field. I began by attending working tests and Field Trials to see what the requirements were for the successes namely of labs and goldens to name but two and it became my aim right from the start to breed to improve the standard of the working IWS. This sometimes has proved to present problems in a breed so numerically small.

This coincided with my getting a young bitch from Ireland namely Killountain Kinky. She was run in the UK and in Ireland in competition and attained success in both countries. I bred my first litter from Kinky and it all began from there.

Other litters followed and I attained success in Field Trials and G.W.T. I was very fortunate that early in my decision to work / train dogs I came in contact with John Gilman (an experienced shooter and trainer of retrievers and spaniels with many years of successes in his kennel in the shooting field and in competition.) His father in law was an owner of IWS under the affix of Yarrowside so John was also very experienced with the breed which certainly does help when you start to train an IWS so this was a bonus. John was kind enough to show me the ropes, train and sometimes run some of my dogs for me. I took advice and this also led me to include in my kennel either one or two well bred “working” Labradors something I have never regretted.

Over these years I met, and competed with and against the most successful competitive owner of IWS in the field namely Eddie Lennon. The only IWS owner to have made up two F.T. Champions in the breed other dogs he had, had many places in F.T. competition Novice and Open and in top retriever A.V. competition. I bought puppies from Eddie based on his, and his dogs successes and the association has resulted in many years of friendship.

As years passed I became Working and Field Trial Secretary for the IWSA from 1989 to the year 2000. I then joined the Sporting Irish Water Spaniel Club and was Secretary for several years. The latter club is solely dedicated to the IWS as a working gundog and has many members who share that interest.

Nowadays I still maintain my interest in the breed, but I no longer participate in Field Trials or G.W.T. because of some health issues. Over these years it has  been, to breed Irish Water Spaniels for temperament and their working ability.