Killountain Irish Water Spaniels

Friends of Killountain IWS


My thanks to John Gilman for his help and knowledge over many many years.
Training Annmarie of Lisnabrogue (Katy),the most successful dog I have had by way of result.
Although “Trader” gained more F.T awards, Katy’s win and qualifier for the Irish Retriever Championship of an Any Variety 14 dog stake at Crom Castle was undoubtedly the highest award we have won.
Thanks John.


Eddie Lennon's Lisnabrogue kennel is renowned for it's unequalled success in the competitive field. Over the years Eddie has made up 2 Field Trial Champions (one dual Champion), qualified several dogs for the Irish Retriever Championship and received many awards in Any Variety competition, sometimes running under both IKC and EKC rules.

On a different note, Eddie's dogs featured in the T.V. series The Irish R.M. as "Maria".

Thanks to Eddie and Maura for their kindness to me over many years.