Killountain Irish Water Spaniels


1989 saw noteable changes for the IWSA with the re-commencement of FieldTrials. the first being held in Abergavenny, Judges were Daphne Phillpott, Joan Gill and Terry Bailey (all A panel judges.) Gaynor Bailey (also an A panel Judge) acted as Chief Steward, to ensure everything ran smoothly.
Extract from report by Gaynor Bailey.

" What a pleasure to be able to report that the 12 dog novice F.T. for IWS and CBR was a great success.The first drive producing some really difficult retrieves with half a dozen birds falling in a thick and brambly unused lane. Pepi Barrington's Fynder Kinalea and Jill Mc Aree's Fynder Delia of Radicott charging their way into the thicket to produce birds, nothing wrong with the dog work so far."